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  I'm on a mission to help 

10,000 Licensed Mental Health Counselors enhance their professional growth 

using VideoMarketing.  


Instagram LIVE / Stories

Instagram Stories appear in small circles at the top of your feed. They’ll disappear once you begin scrolling, but you can easily tap the top of your screen to scroll right back up to view stories.

The first bubbles that appear will always be live videos – if anyone you follow is live – then the rest is a mixture of brand and profile stories, just like Facebook. Additionally, as users scroll through their feed or explore pages, profiles with available stories will have a colorful ring around their profile photo as a call-to-action.

Facebook LIVE / Stories

As you’ll see, most platforms showcase their stories right at the top of the app so it’s one of the first things you see when you open it on your smartphone. This makes it a great way to ‘skip the line’ of the curated algorithm on many networks.

Even for desktop users, Facebook displays Stories at the top of their feed, but this feature is definitely meant more for mobile use.

You can add a story to Facebook by clicking the plus sign icon on the photo that says Add to Story, or you can create your story in Instagram and connect it to your Facebook Page.

Stories from both businesses and friends appear alongside each other, which means you’re much more likely to reach an audience on Facebook if you regularly use stories rather than only posting content to the feed.

LinkedIn LIVE/ Stories

Even the business networking platform LinkedIn also has their own version of stories available at the top of their apps. While you’re not able to share the content you post on LinkedIn to their stories, this is a unique way to let your business connections get a behind-the-scenes look into your processes and business.

Although Stories content tends to be more candid, make sure that the content you share on LinkedIn stories remains professional. You’re likely not going to be sharing photos while out at happy hour on your LinkedIn the way you might on Facebook or Instagram.

YouTube Live / Stories

With YouTube Shorts appearing as a rival to TikTok’s short video content it makes sense that the most popular video sharing platform is trying to capitalize on all of the ways creators can share video content and attract audiences.


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We offer personalized digital transformation services for Licensed counselors, therapists and physicians as one of the top digital transformation consulting companies, working on a defined roadmap with clear vision, introducing precious laser focused solutions, and they come with many strategies that encompasses your business objective, operational excellence, capabilities, and experiences. Partner with us to get intelligent and innovative digital transformation solutions that get to theheart of what your prospects desire.

Reset your future With RajMessa 

How Do We Strategize Your Enterprise Digital Transformation Journey?

Our digital transformation consulting services and solutions rely on the careful analysis and deep understanding of the true need for transformation in terms of organizational mindset and culture.  


the only source of knowledge 

is experience

I have been working with Raj for the last year. He has been enormously helpful to me in a wide range of incredible strategies designed to market Emotional Intelligence training, assessments and coaching for physicians. Raj always over performs on any project. I am currently seeking additional marketing initiatives with him as I seek to expand my services in globally.

- George Anderson MSW, LCSW, BCD, CAMF

Emotional Intelligence Coach for Patient Care.
Anderson & Anderson, APC
Chief Executive Officer

- George Anderson MSW, LCSW, BCD, CAMF

Emotional Intelligence Coach for Patient Care.
Anderson & Anderson, APC
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Denis waitley 

The Psychology of Winning



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